August 28, 2013

Hello all. This coming weekend is Last Splash. Although Lake levels are low, we’re expecting a fairly large crowd at the Hollow and wanted to ask for your assistance in keeping our pledge to the Travis County Parks Dept of cleaning up after the event. It would be of great help if you will pick up your trash and noodles etc and place them in a trash receptacle rather than leave them strewn all over the ground for others to pick up. If you hauled it in, haul it out! We ask that you encourage others that may be with you to please do the same. Travis County Parks worked with us by moving the swim buoys so that boats could continue to enjoy the Hollow with everyone else. So please reciprocate by cleaning up your trash.

We wish you a happy, fun and SAFE Last Splash!

February 28, 2013

Thanks to the actions of the community we have accomplished our goal of having Travis County Parks listen to the stakeholders of Hippie Hollow Park. While we are still working out the details of a compromise with TCP, the public meeting held on February 27th was a success.  We will continue to urge TCP to honor the commitment to adjust the buoy line and will be working directly with them to establish what that line looks like. As stated publicly at the meeting by TCP the buoys could be moved “within a matter of weeks.” Once the buoys are moved we will turn Friends of the Hollow into an advocacy and community outreach group in conjunction with Travis County Parks.

We have closed our petition (for now) but ended with over 600 signatures in 7 days!

Check out our ‘Media‘ page for the latest news coverage, and view the map that Friends of the Hollow has proposed to TCP here.



Friends of the Hollow is a group of over 900 boaters, swimmers and beach-goers interested in maintaining, promoting and enjoying Hippie Hollow. No better stewards for the park exist than the individuals comprising this diverse group.